Sunday, July 29, 2007

Well now I've stepped in it...

I did not expect this - me, with a blog. After all, I work on a computer all day long and the thought of spending even more time with one writing about knitting instead of actually knitting struck me as slightly absurd. Seriously. What did I have to say? My life is quite mundane. While I totally enjoy peeking into the lives of the other bloggers with interesting thoughts and cool projects, I was pretty sure that there wouldn't be anything of interest emerging from my keyboard.

But then this little thing called Ravelry happened. And I realized that I did have more to say. I found myself "mentally blogging" my days and thinking that I was probably a bit nuts. So here's to being mental!

For now, I'll just have a quick bit of show-off time.
This is what I'm working on these days:

Mystery Stole 3 - worked in Jaggerspun Zephyr, color "Ebony". The photo does not show the teeny-tiny Swarovski bicones - 3mm size in "crystal shadow AB". They add a wonderful sparkle that doesn't overwhelm the design. At this point I'm managing a whopping 3 or four rows a night while attemting to fill my quota of contract hours.

And yet another Luna Moth Shawl, in Colinette Parisenne.

This Luna is for my son's former teacher who moved to New York recently.

And the somewhat ignored Leaf Cardigan, in Silk City Perle cotton. The color does not show well here - it is actually a pretty pale sage green. This is my "mindless knit" (code for *don't pay attention, make really stupid mistake, frog. Repeat from * until eternity).

I also have a felted purse on the needles but no picture yet. This will be a shop sample for the LYS that I work for part time. I'm making it up as I go - which is code for "frog repeatedly". I ran out of yarn too, which forced me to visit The Other LYS (shhhh!) to buy a third skein.

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