Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Today was picture day. Graduating seniors have to have their pictures done well ahead of time and as luck would have it Ray & I both had appointments for haircuts on this very day - Ms. R had to move her appointment up by several hours and was scheduled to be with another stylist since Gina, goddess of hair, wasn't usually in quite so early.

I don't know if Gina came in early because of Rachel or because she was really booked, or because she was leaving tonight to visit her native Ireland for her brother's wedding - but the stars aligned and Gina did Rachel's cut and style.

Gina is hilarious and a ton of fun packed into a tiny little body with a delightful Irish accent and she can make my hair look good. And that is the very best thing ever (see prior posting about limp baby fine dear-Lord-I-hate-my-hair). She has also quite literally watched Rachel grow up, so I kind of think that it also means something to her to be a part of the big events - like senior photos and prom "'do's".

The early time for her photo left no time for a "pro" makeup job - and I
was not exactly thrilled with her wardrobe choice for a "casual" photo, so we blasted to the mall hoping for a stroke of luck at Bare Essentials for makeup and a rapid visit to Nordstrom for a better looking top. Nice top with cute sweater found in less than 20 minutes (yay!) but BE had a wait list... oh well.

We did stop at the Swarovski shop and I finally fulfilled my obligation to get her a nice necklace (when we visited Saltzburg two years ago I went to the Swarovski shop, but Ray was in a music clinic and never had the time to get a sparkly/pretty... so a long standing promise can now be struck from my list!)

The actual pictures - what a circus! I graduated as a junior from high school and never had to do the whole senior picture gig, so this was an... experience. Multiple fake-ish sets to choose from plus the obligatory Senior Photo. Rachel chose the "garden porch" scene for her casual photo and I think these will be really nice. Her photographer was funny and kind which made her laugh and look --- amazing. The formal yearbook pose with the black velvet drape thingy around her shoulders was another story. That photographer had all the personality of a dried twig and from where I stood all of her shots had that kill-me-now fake smile... but I could be wrong.

We stopped at the shop afterwards and I finally got a photo of the Feather And Fan Cardigan with a real live girl in it:

Notice please the Really Nice Necklace. The shirt underneath was the one I nixed for the photos. Never been a big fan of the rumpled look - and Rachel has never been a fan of the ironing board.


I might just have found my next great project. I totally think that this is exactly the trendy/edgy look that any plump fifty-ish woman woman of a certain age fashionable person could embrace.

The nylons! With all my lace experience I could handle a few holes! Just think of the cellulite those babies could hide! A bit of a stumbling block could be finding the yarn – my LYS dumped discontinued all of the eyelash and sparkly stuff. Odds are I still have some in my stash, so not all is lost!

The shoes could be a problem though. Do you think I can find them in a size eight double-wide?

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smariek said...

Oooh, very nice necklace! Can't believe you found a sweater so quickly. It's too bad she couldn't have the same photographer for both photos. I remember the black velvet drapy thing, but can't remember doing any fun background photos. Maybe they didn't do that at my school or back in those days.