Thursday, September 6, 2007


Earthquake weather. There, I said it. A lot of people around here are a bit phobic about that phrase, as though saying it will make it so. The air is leaden, and yesterday it was orangish - must have been a big fire somewhere.

Today it is just plain yucky and everyone seems to be in an odd sort of mood.
Even Pepper seems to be in a state of
And it may take a backhoe to get my desk clean.
Perhaps I can find my missing energy under all that paper (you can't see the whopping pile off to the left).
I went to the dentist yesterday to have a crown removed and replaced. The good news is that my dentist uses a system that means I don't have to deal with a temporary (hate those!). Unfortunately I'm sort of resistant to novocaine and usually need a double shot, so this time I asked for it up front. Afterwards my jaw and mouth still hurt something fierce and continued into last night while I attended a meeting at my daughter's high school. In a total state of distraction I think I signed myself up for jobs that I may regret later on in the school year. I blame low blood sugar - my mouth hurt too much to eat for most of the day. I did a bit of knitting on the shrug while at the meeting, but wasn't well focused (surprise) and ended up frogging two thirds of what little I did manage. I have a ton of things to do today and zero energy so here us one last random thing for now:
Grace is having a contest - she knits the most wonderful shawls, do visit her site for a peek.

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junior_goddess said...

I think they are just stingy with the doses these days. I'm the same way - the doc leans to the tech and whispers "we can't give her anymore anesthetic."

Hope you manage to brush a few things off-it's no fun to be the stuckee.