Monday, March 17, 2008

Sometimes my life is a (badly written) sitcom.

Have you ever seen a sitcom episode where the hapless character is locked out of his(her) hotel room sans clothing? That was me this morning. Not quite so embarrassing, but incredibly stupid, and (after the fact) pretty laughable.

A week or so ago the doorknob on our kitchen/garage door finally gave up and broke (picture DH and DD opening door only to find the detached doorknob in hand and insert laugh track here). The old door lock would not allow you to open it unless was unlocked which apparently is no longer being made because of the safety factor. DH replaced it with a fancy brass number that doesn't require the door to be unlocked to exit. See where this is going? Rachel and I have both locked ourselves out repeatedly, but we have a key stashed nearby so it hasn't been too much of a problem. Rachel left at the crack of dawn for her first college campus visit(!!) and DH also left for work early this morning, but forgot something inside the house so he used the stashed key to let himself back in. Annnndddd left the key in his pocket.

When I got out of the shower this morning I remembered that it was St. Patrick's Day, so clad in nothing more than a towel I headed out to the garage/laundry to fetch my freshly washed green sweater. The door locked behind me.

Many curse words ensued.

Good news: I had enough clothes available to almost dress myself properly (we shall not discuss the missing bits). Bad news: our neighbor with the spare key was gone. Possible good news: with a broom handle and a good deal of stretching I can reach through the cat-door and just barely knock the keys hanging on a hook in the kitchen to the floor. Praying that one of the keys hanging up is a door key I flail away and knock several random sets of keys off the wall, then drag them to the cat flap. Almost dressed and with uncombed wet hair, I gleefully head to the front door... and none of them is a door key. Good news: someone forgot to lock the front door (DH or DD, doesn't matter – the front door is unlocked!).

DH got a very pointed email this morning…

Last week I had to go to Boise on somewhat short notice. I was going up upload a photo or two but evidently Rachel borrowed my camera this morning for her visit to the CalPoly campus today, so those will have to wait for a day or two, along with photos of the smidge of knitting I managed to do. Like so many knitters, I pack enough yarn for two weeks worth of knitting yet only manage a few hours of knitting. I was able to gift some really pretty Malabrigo and Manos to my cousin Lori who was kind enough to put me up in Boise, and feed me spectacularly to boot. Such a deal – a couple pounds of the heavenly Major Dickason's coffee from Peet's and a mini-round of to-die-for Cowgirl Creamery Mt. Tam cheese and Lori provides lodging! If we were ever to move from the SF Bay Area, these two things would be on my top ten list of most-missed items.

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smariek said...

What a morning!!!

I've actually gotten into the habit of carrying my keys with me at (almost) all times, using one of those stretchy (spiraly telephone-cord-like) pieces so I can hang it on my arm if I don't have pockets. This was after hearing about someone who went outside to throw the garbage out and his toddler managed to turn the knob to lock the front door.

I used to work in in downtown SF (EC buildings) where I could just walk over to the Ferry Building for Peets and Cowgirl Creamery. I miss that and the farmers market.