Saturday, May 3, 2008

Sort of like Burning Man, but without the misery *

*overheard at the Maker Faire.

Today my husband and I actually attended a crafty kind of event together. That alone makes it an event. The
Maker Faire is a total hoot, heavily populated with geeks, freaks and full on nerds. I was so at home - with my people. I had been sort of on the fence about going this year, but hearing that the Yarn Harlot would make an appearance sold me. What sold my husband were two phrases: The Eepy Bird guys and "power tool races". With a little planning and a bit of freakish good luck we actually arrived early - a very good thing as it turned out, because I heard horror stories of traffic jams and limited parking. This put me in the extraordinary position of being one of the very first people to arrive for the Yarn Harlot, and I got front and center seats - one for me and three for a few of my fellow SnB members. I was pretty stunned. Stephanie, as always, was hilarious and utterly charming.

I even got a picture of me and the traveling sock (woo hoo!) and Stephanie holding my in-progress Malabrigo socks. Why I'm squinting like that I haven't a clue. This is why I hate pictures of myself!

I scored some beautiful yarn from Ceallach Dyes . Silly me, I kept pronouncing it like “sell-ack” – when it is actually Gaelic and pronounced as “Kelly” – the name the dyer goes by. Her work is beautiful and I think this will be perfect for the Spring Mystery Shawl . Yes, I am a total sucker for those mystery lace things. Kelly is even local to the Bay Area and I predict she’ll see more business soon. Her stuff is beautiful – “solar” dyed too, which even impressed my husband.

There were so many amazing things to see that I found myself wishing I’d purchased the two-day ticket. Perhaps next year. Here are a few random samples:

The Eepy Bird Diet Coke + Mentos Show. Yes, we got wet.

Odd bicycles.

Really odd.

Man-made lightning. Very cool.

And very large… things.

And courtesy of the MCY thread on Ravelry I saw this tonight – and can’t quit giggling.

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