Friday, February 13, 2009

Kicked to the curb by a pair of socks.

My Leyburn Socks are not working. I’ve put them on time out – twice – and still cannot get the damned things to fit properly. I’ve turned the heel four or five times now and last night nearly threw the stupid thing on the floor to stomp on it (the very sharp points of the KnitPicks needle stopped me – there is a difference between angry-stupid and just plain stupid!) So: a picture of the beastly things before they hit the frog pond at warp speed.

These would fit perfectly - if I had size 14 narrow feet.

I knit these toe-up, two at a time on two circs, then separated the pair to turn the heel. This last heel (Wendy Johnson’s No pickup gusset heel – brilliant, that) was started way, way too late. I really didn’t need an extra inch and a half for my toes! The stitch pattern is not a stretchy forgiving thing either, and I suppose I’ve been a bit tense the last couple of weeks (more about that later) - the sock just barely fits. When my feet are cold. I think if my feet were to swell even the tiniest bit I couldn’t get them on. Gotta love my total denial absolute conviction that I could make these !@#$!@#$ work.

While the Leyburns were in time out to consider their future, I worked on this:

Mine is longer though, and done in Donegal Tweed. I love this color!

My ribs are much better (yay!), though I still can’t reach up easily and sneezing is... well, it is an adventure.

In my last blog post I commented about being grateful to be so busy with work, given the state of the economy. Jinx! Two days later I was told my primary contract hours were being slashed from 40 hours a week to 15, but on the upside I’d be picking up a new client – an outfit that produces industrial fragrances and urinal cakes.

Oooookay then.

But between my own clients and trying to get in contact with the previous developer, two and a half weeks went by. The new client had evidently become increasingly frustrated by the original developer’s lack of progress on their to-do list, so they hired a local guy to do their work. Kiss those billable hours goodbye! Ouch again.

Given all this I’m feeling happy less guilt-ridden that I went on a major yarn binge when my LYS was closing – I have lots of stash to knit from. And I’ve been receiving random goodies that were purchased prior to my income going kaflooey.

STR Club color “Blue Heaven”. I love love love this colorway! It came with the beads to be used in the January club pattern. So pretty!

And a couple of Plucky Knitter goodies:

"Hey Cupcake!" and "Brickhouse" (which refused to be photographed with the dusky red color that it actually is - and doesn't look anything like "Cupcake")

Some Squoosh-y goodness:


"Gluhwein", "Blueberry-Mint", "Espresso", and "Tulip".

A pretty from cupcakefaerie, who was kind enough to sell this to me (even though I shouldn't be buying yarn).

GrandCentral -  - The Plucky Knitter

I have an idea rattling around in my head for the Plucky Knitter Nature KAL, but didn’t have a colorway that would work. Now I do!

The yarn I ordered from Woolgirl last month ended up being discontinued, so I got this instead:

Madelinetosh in "Graphite"

Jen (Woolgirl) was so incredibly sweet – the Madelinetosh was more expensive than the original yarn I’d ordered, but she refused to invoice me for the difference. You can count on seeing more Woolgirl purchases in my future stash! (Even though I shouldn't be buying yarn).

And rounding it out are these that I bought from Thayer (aka The Evil Temptress) who was destashing.

Top to bottom: "Petrol Pincher", "Longterm", and "Grotto"

Thayer has some gorgeous stuff in her stash and it is so hard virtually impossible to resist, income shortages or not (mentally repeating Stitches is this month… Stitches is this month… Not buying yarn...Stitches is this month... Oh, damn, must do homework for Stitches class…).

Stealing a quote from Yvette: I can resist everything except temptation. And merino. And cashmere.


junior_goddess said...

We call them breath mints. Admit it, you've spoken to people who've slurped from the toilet.


Love your yarns.

cupcakefaerie said...

Sorry to hear about the contract outlook. The good news is that your new stash is gorgeous!

Sending good wishes for new contracts on the horizon.

smariek said...

(Hold on while I wipe the drool off my chin after looking at all this lovely yarn...)

Sorry to hear the Leyburns didn't work out. I love the color though. I'll have to wait to see what this gets reincarnated into.

What are urinal cakes? Maybe I don't wanna know.

junior_goddess said...

Wait, miss programmer....How is it that I am replying to a post from May, but a comment from Feb is sitting here?


NightOwlKnits said...

Okay, I'm stumped! I'd *guess* that there are some hosed pointers... but without knowing what this stuff is written in I'm as baffled as you.